Tuesday 28th February 2017-Commission

Today in our commission lesson, we went around our group and discussed the ideas we have already considered for the ‘Inspired by Art’ commission. An idea that I particularly liked was one suggested by Jess. She had the idea to combine different characters from a variety of Charles Dickens books. There would be characters from ‘Oliver Twist’, ‘Great Expectations’, ‘A Christmas Carol’ and perhaps others. The reason in which I think that this would work so well, is that in our acting group, we have a lot of people who are easily casted into these roles. For example Justin could make an excellent ‘Mr Bumble’ and Will could easily play ‘Oliver’. ‘Jess’ herself would look fantastic as a ‘Miss Havisham’ and I could easily see Liam playing ‘Scrooge’. It would be a really nice challenge for our group to write and create a piece that combines all of these classic and iconic characters. When talking through potential ideas as a group, I came up with a brand new idea that none of us had really considered doing for a commission before. I asked whether we could suggest an improvisation section, which is inspired by art.  We had found Vincent Van Gogh’s painting called ‘Van Gogh’s Chair’ when researching potential artists and paintings. As we had previously done a lot of improvisation activities based around a chair or including chairs, I thought perhaps we could make this a piece for our commission. As I already have multiple ideas already for this commission and still want it to be put forward as a suggested piece, Karolis has decided to put it forward as it is also an idea that he really would like to do. This would be a really unique idea for our commission and show a creative way of looking at the task. Ines had an idea of including some Shakespeare for one of her suggestions. She was inspired by the high quantity of artwork that connotes love and related this to the well-known play ‘Romeo And Juliet’. She wanted to combine the dancers and the actors to show the part of the play where Romeo thinks Juliet is dead. This idea could be really interesting to work on and would require us sorting out our timetables just like we had to with ‘Inspired By Film’, where we also had mixed course groups. Something else we discussed is that it would be good to take this commission as a opportunity to try or be a part of something new and different. Justin wanted originally to do another spoof, but Lynn raised the potential problem that he might start to be known for only doing spoofs or just taking it as an excuse to do something ‘bad’. This started to get me thinking about how something I have really wanted to do at college, was some contemporary theatre. We haven’t had the chance to look into Pinter or perhaps Simon Stephens or Duncan MacMillan and this is my favourite kind of theatre. Therefore, I may look into suggesting some of these modern day play writes and their pieces for the commission as I am certain that I will be able to find a linking piece of art.



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