Wednesday 1st March 2017- Scripted and Improv

In our scripted lesson, we spent the hour rehearsing and talking through all of our ideas for the girls script ‘Holloway Jones’. Since last week we have casted the roles of the actors and also decided what the boys are doing. Jess will be playing the mother and I will be playing ‘Holloway Jones’. This is due to her casting age being older than mine, as I do look younger than her, so it makes more sense for her to be playing my mother. It’s important to know and to play to our casting types because we want to give the most realistic performing of the scene. That way the characters will appear more natural and realistic. Will decided to take charge of our characterisation, Justin of costumes and props, Eren is on research and Liam staging. We started by reading through the script with accents as Justin wrote down any props mentioned such as ‘birthday card’ and ‘a cake’. Liam then told us the ideas he had for staging and we started to block the scene. We used a table and two chairs which although is minimal, is also effective and alerts the audience that the scene is set at prisons visiting hours. We then talked about characterisation and the fact they were from a rough part of London, so the way they speak and their physicality is a complete juxtaposition to Jess and I. We are really going to have to work hard to have a believable performance. I have learnt that committing to the character and finding the connection between the two character is what could massively help our performance of it next week.

In improv we talked to Erica about an idea we had yesterday for our up coming commission. We had wondered if we could have an improvised section of our performance, where we do improvisation segments and activities, all of which are inspired by art. She really liked the idea, so we decided that we should test out the idea to see if it is something that could work. We took the improv exercise ‘Random Lines’ and then set the pieces and had characters which were inspired by art. It was very comedic with the lines which were out of context and I think that the idea had great potential. However it did flag up that we would need to know a lot more about art and its history with the different time periods and figures. This could be difficult, especially in the short time frame and with so many different artists existing. A way in which we could get around this, is having certain artists and time periods already chosen in a hat, so that we at least knew the basis of what we would be asked to improvise. Hopefully we will be able to include some form of improvisation in our commission as it is an element of performing in which I enjoy a lot and am eager to improve.


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