Thursday 2nd March 2017- Tech Run, Dress Run and Photos

Today we were off timetable, due to having to tech and dress run for the upcoming season show ‘Lilies On The Land’. It’s a verbatim play that is made up of interviews of the land girls in the second world war. It looks at the lives and role they lead in the war. Its been such a fantastic play, that I have learnt so much regarding a side of the war that usually gets forgotten. It’s a cast of ten girls and we have been working towards the shows for the last few months, so it was brilliant being able to see how it looked with all of the set, props and costumes. It really helped us to feel a part of the atmosphere and get across the stories we tell. We started off by doing the tech run, and it was amazing to see how much the lighting and the radio broadcasts which get played through out the piece, benefited the overall performance. I have never been in a show where the technical elements have influenced and added to a piece as much as with ‘Lilies On The Land’, so it has been a great learning curve and I will definitely be taking this learning curve and apply it to my next commission, because now I see how vital things like emotive lighting can be. It was also good to sort out last minute things, such as where to leave the pot at the beginning and who was setting some of the smaller props. The tech and dress helped us focus on the shows that are ahead and really get organised. After tech and dress we had the photos taken by Tony Kelly, who is the professional that Conservatoire East use for their show photos. The results are bellow. I am happy that I will be able to use these in my acting portfolio and also now we can share them on social media which should help to advertise the show and sell the few remaining seats.


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