Friday 3rd March 2017- Lilies On The Land Rehearsals

We  were off our normal time-table yet again today, due to the performances of ‘Lilies On The Land’ happening next week. We ran over the songs in the play as there are several and most of them involve harmonies and some have live piano and ukulele played as an accompaniment. The acoustics are very different in the theatre to what we are used to rehearsing with in our normal rehearsal space, therefore we have realised that we need to be much louder as a group, which means we have to be able to hold our parts confidently, in order to belt. This was useful to go over the songs and also the dances we do at the same time. Its a vital part of our show and we want to do it just as well, if not better than the acting, which makes up the majority of the show. We then focused on the ‘Excuse Me Quickstep’ dance scene as Lynn and Erica wanted to make the transitions and the dance more natural and to have a better flow. We soon discovered that by having some of the girls spin into the dance, it creates a smoother look to the piece. I also found that yesterday in the run, that the dance music being played is loud at this point, so I have tried to make my lines louder so that I can be heard. This has rectified any issue that the audience may not understand what is happening, as I help to narrate the action through what I say. Finally, we did an Italian run of the show, just to keep it fresh in our minds. We stressed that although we were going to be speaking and moving faster, it was important to still get out every word in its entirety. This was useful in us all knowing the show even better and meant that we had to have quick reactions. I struggled to speak faster with some of the many accents that I have to do in this show, as I multirole a lot.  However this flagged up, which characters I needed to re visit over the weekend, just to solidify my accent and voice work. I am glad that we had today to rehearse and it has been useful to go over the finer details and has prepaird us for next week, which is show week.


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