Monday 6th March 2017- Writing, drama schools and Bent

We started today, by discussing the way we structured our essays and the way in which we write. This is something I was more involved with in the discussion and an area which I hope that I am better in. I took english language as an AS level, and have a passion for syntax and lexical features. Lynn asked if anyone knew about comparatives and superlative adjectives and I was able to talk in-depth about them and gave examples. This is something she wanted us to use more in our writing as it can help show status and an extent of something. We also did a verbal exercise in pairs, where we were told to ask each other ‘Do you like bananas’ and kept having to ask ‘why’. This was to get us talking in greater depth and to get used to explaining rather that just describing. I worked with ‘Emily’ from the musical theatre pathway, it was a fun task that also showed us the kind of complexity and depth we need to go into with our written work, so was very useful. We then had a discussion about applying for universities and drama schools. We shared all of the pre-existing knowledge that we have, and talked about what further education establishments appealed to us and where we were thinking of auditioning at. Currently I have a lot of places where I would like to apply to. My top drama schools that I have been looking at are:

  • East 15
  • Royal Centeral School Of Speech And Drama
  • RADA
  • Conservatoire Of Scottland
  • Guildford
  • Bristol Old Vic
  • Rose Bruford
  • Italia Conti

I have also looked at universities and Hull seems to be my favourite so far. However, I am unsure as to wether I would like to go to university or take a gap year, if I dont get into drama school.

In the evening, I went to the opening night of ‘Bent’. It is the all male casted season play, that the boys have been rehearsing whilst ‘Lilies On The Land’ has been rehearsing. The two plays are linked by ‘War’ and ‘Bent’ will perform on alternate nights to ‘Lilies’. ‘Bent’ is a play written about the struggles in Nazi Germany, but focusing on the homosexual prisoners at Dachau. It looks into the lives of main characters ‘Max’, ‘Rudy’, ‘Horst’ and several others and is a heart breaking performance, that was done with such a brilliant sensitivity but had a real and natural feel. You could see how much time, effort and energy that the boys had put into making this very difficult play, as real as possible. The character work had really paid off and it was incredible the atmosphere they managed to create. I was enormously impressed at how the Nazis, managed to only be on stage for a short while and say very little, but did it in such a way that meant that when they were not on stage, you still felt like they were watching. There was a tension and a fearful atmosphere and all of it was acted brilliantly. In particular, ‘Harry’ who played ‘Horst’ gave such a genuine and realistic performance. The truthfulness came through and had such an effect on myself and several other audience members. Overall ‘Bent’ was impressive and a sad but great show. It showed how important knowing your characters inside and out was, it stood out as a piece that had such clear and thorough characterisation. Each performer knew exactly their role in the play and had gone above and beyond at showing the time period and its tragedies.


Bent boysBENT peoplebentBEnnnnt


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