Friday 10th March 2017- Move It

In audition prep today, we learnt a new dance which had elements of tap, line dancing and ballet all in one. As I am not a dancer and have not got much experience with dance, I found some of the moves difficult but I really enjoyed it and I love being given the chance to learn something new. Dance is a skill that even if I can learn a small bit of , it could really help me in my future career. After this we then went down to London to ‘Move It’, which is the biggest dance event in Europe. It was a great day as there were lots of drama and dance schools at the event who we could talk to and get prospectuses and information from. This information is so valuable to me as I am planning on auditioning for drama schools in September, so it was useful to see what some of the schools had to offer. Although the event was focused on dance, some of the schools had acting courses and places like ‘Italia Conti’ were able to talk to me about the acting course specifically. We also got to witness a lot of dance companies perform, which was brilliant. I have a huge appreciation of people who can dance and it was very entertaining and amazing to see what some of the talented dancers could do. Im so grateful that we got the opportunity to go to this event.

move it


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