Monday 13th March 2017- Presentations and Bonnie And Clyde Auditions

Today we presented our two ideas for our latest commission ‘Art And Life’. I told people about my ‘Alice’ by ‘Laura Wade’ idea that I have been working on and also my thoughts about having a section of ‘Equus’ performed. It was really interesting to hear what other people had come up with in the group. There were a lot of ideas that I thought would work really well and then some that I thought had some issues. To see how I feel my presentation went and what I thought of some of the ideas suggested by my peers, see the page titled: Unit 8 Task 4:

After our presentations, we then had our first audition for the next season musical ‘Bonnie And Clyde’. We had been given a short scene to learn in pairs over the last week and I had been practicing with Karolis. We had to do the scene where ‘Bonnie’ and ‘Clyde’ first meet. This is an important scene as it would set the characters up for the whole musical and it is a pivotal moment in their relationship. It was also a challenge seeing as they are real people who have actually lived, which meant that it was more important than ever to make the scene truthful and believable. Karolis and I had done a lot of research into the lives of ‘Bonnie’ and ‘Clyde’, such as by watching documentarys and researching online. This helped us when performing our scene and we were able to include things such as ‘Clyde’ having a slight limp. I also researched into the Texas accent which helped my audition a lot as this is what we will have to do for the show. We also had to prepare the song ‘You are going back to jail’ which is sung by ‘Blanche’ and ‘Buck’. We were able to sing it as a whole group but we will be singing it separately in our pairs tomorrow. Over all I am happy with how the scene went, but if I could do it again, I would do it with a more flirtatious energy. I think that I tried so hard to keep it believable and realistic that I held back on being flirtatious which is a key characteristic of ‘Bonnie’. This is something I took especially after watching ‘Beth’ play ‘Bonnie’, as I feel like she got the balance of realistic acting with bold characterisation just right.


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