Wednesday 8th March 2017-Holloway Jones

Today Jess and I performed our duolouge from ‘Holloway Jones’ that we have been working on over the last two weeks. We had our props ready thanks to Justin, who took charge of that department for this task. I also had sourced a hoodie, tank top and leggings which is what we agreed that my character would wear. I think that our organisation as a group was one of our overall strengths in this scripted task. We managed to meet up several times over the last couple of weeks and worked hard at getting the scene to be in the best place that it possibly could be. As for the group of boys that directed our piece, I think that Will took charge and was the one to contribute most to directing us. He asked us questions to help us characterise and also gave us some good ideas for staging. Justin was also another person, who in this task I think did well with directing. He made lots of lists on all the props and costume pieces we would need, then managed to find lots of them himself. Liam and Eren could however, have imputed more ideas and weren’t always there at our rehearsals when we clearly alerted them to the time and date.

From the feedback and watching back the performance that Jess and I gave, I think that we did a really good job of making the scene naturalistic. That may be down to the research we did into our characters and the amount of time we dedicated into rehearsals. I think this was a contributing factor as to how we managed to give a believable and realistic performance.  Jess and I did a lot of experimentation with our characters and looking into their not so stereotypical mother and daughter relationship. We wanted to get across the fact that they are related, but also the challenges and difficulties they have in their relationship. To get this across to our audience, we tried to show the changes of power which occur throughout the piece. I think we successfully showed and created this relationship. Another difficulty we faced in this piece, was the fact that I had to play someone younger than myself and Jess had to act someone who is much older than her. Luckily the boys casted me in the younger role and Jess in the older role, as Jess looks older than myself, so it helped again in making the scene believable. However I think I also found a certain vulnerability in the character, which also helped to show I was playing someone young, with out over acting the child. For what I think I could improve on, I think  that I wasn’t as good at sustaining the London accent and if I were to do the piece again, this is something I would try to focus on making more truthful. Over all I am happy with how the piece turned out and I also really enjoyed working with Jess, as I feel like I act well with her and we can always find a good connection with our characters when we perform.

After we had performed, we then got our next task from Gary. Each group would have a director and then they would have to direct two pairs in a new scene. It was ‘Tennessee Williams’ play called ‘The Glass Menagerie’. I have not previously read the play, but I do know the play write as my AS drama piece was from ‘Street Car Named Desire’ which he also wrote. I was paired with Will and he will be playing the character of ‘Joe’ and I will be playing ‘Laura’. We were then told that we had two weeks to read the play, watch a performance of it online, research the characters and then perform the scene that he had given us. I am looking forward into finding out more about the play, as I really enjoyed working on ‘A Street Car Named Desire’ and I have heard that this play is in a similar style.

In improvisation, we did several improv games to prepare the class for the improv show next friday, which some of us will be in. We first played questions only, which is one of my favourite improvisation games and is one that I am relatively good at. As the title of the game suggests, you can only talk through questions. It is a fast paced game and you have to think quickly. There is  also the added difficulty of trying to make the questions relevent to the scene and also your character. We then played freeze nominate, which is one that I found harder today as I found it hard to think of any inspiration for scenes or characters. I really liked what Liam did with the coming up with a pirate character. This worked particularly well as its such an instantly recognisable character, with lots of scene options. I really learnt that when you are doing an improv scene, such as in freeze nominate, the ones that work the best and those with clear and instantly recognisable characters. We then ended the session by playing the interrogation game. In this there are two detectives who have to come up with puns on the spot, to alert the accused murderer of who they killed, where and with what. It’s a really fun game that resembles cludo. You do however, have to have a wide range of general knowledge.


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