Friday 17th March 2017- Showcase and Commission

Friday morning started with us being able to watch the showcase. People who were not in the two main season shows ‘Lilies’ and ‘Bent’, were lead by Jess Bellamy in creating a showcase of work that they have been working on in the time. It was really great to see people perform in areas that I have never seen before. For example Amie sang and so did Chloe, and as she is a dancer, I have never seen her perform a song in this way before, it was good to see what people could do. For example, I never knew that Mia would be able to do the rap from Hamilton.  Liam and Matthew had also created a very funny sketch, that I was really impressed by, they had used both of their skills to the best advantage and it was very comedic to watch. They had timed things perfectly and Robyn also had worked hard with a monolgue that she showed. It was beautifully done and had some really touching moments in it. Overall I was very impressed that they had orgnised the whole thing, and deserved the positive reception that the pieces got.

In the afternoon, we found out the first piece of commission work we would be doing for ‘Art and Life’. I am in a group with Jamie and Liam, our piece was inspired by ‘Visions Of Hell’ by ‘Hironymous Bosch’ and is ‘In Camera’ by ‘Jean Paul Satre’. I am looking forward to researching the piece as currently I have never heard of it and dont know anything about it. It will be nice to work with Jamie and Liam too, as they are not people I get to work with often.


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