Tuesday 14th March 2017- Choir, The Glass Menagerie read through

In choir we learnt a new song called ‘All for the best’ which is from ‘Godspell’. It is a very fast song but it was a lot of fun to do and I can’t wait to continue learning the harmonies. I am really noticing a difference in my singing after choir this year and starting weekly singing lessons. I really enjoy singing and I am so glad that it is a skill I am developing, as I know how useful it may be in the future for my acting career. I know how versatile you need to be as an actor and having plays which include singing in them, are becoming more popular, so I really want to improve my singing as much as I can.

During the day, my group for the latest scripted piece we have been given to research and learn, met up to do a read through of our piece. Justin is our director and he chose for Ryan and Jess to do the first part our the duologue and then for Will and I to take over for the second half. We read through the piece we had been given to study and found out a lot about how we want to play the characters of ‘Laura’ and ‘Jim’. We found that ‘Laura’ is incredibly shy and has suffered with Plurosis. This is something I will have to look into and research, in order to understand the character better and then hopefully I will play her in a much more realistic and truthful way. I also plan on reading the play and watching the film over the weekend for even more research. Also knowing the whole play will give our piece context and we will give a much more knowledgable and informed performance. This will also help us with the blocking of the script and also with our characterisation. Also when reading through the script, we highlighted any stage directions, mentions of props and costume. We want to make our piece as accurate as possible and therefore we plan on staying as true  to the script as we can do. We realise we have limitations, what with only having two weeks and also limited resources, however we will still do our best to give a naturalistic performing of the piece. We have also planned out our rehearsal schedual for this piece. We want to take advantage of the hour we have with Gary tomorrow and plan on bringing up any questions we have. We will then start to block and also rehearse. Then we will take Tuesday and Wednesday mornings next week, to go over our piece once we have done more research and learnt the lines over the weekend. That way we should be ready to perform at our deadline.


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