Wednesday 15th March 2017- Script work

Today I worked on ‘The Glass Menagerie’ script by ‘Tennessee Williams’. Our group blocked the scene and then I  went through the script and annotated it. I put my lines in pink, stage directions in blue, any mention of costume, set or props in red and then any character notes in purple. I have learnt that I learn things much better if I order them and colour coordinate, It also helps my understanding of the text, so I try to do this with every script that I get. Bellow you can see my copy of the script and how I chose to annotate it. I am happy with how I chose to do this and I think that it will be really helpful in disecting the script and already I feel as though I am coming more to grips with the characters and the pragmatics and emotions they are feeling. I feel as though the blocking we achieved today was good, but I think that once we have read the entire play and watched the film, we can improve upon what we have already created, to make it even better.image1image2image3image4image1 (4)image2 (2)image3 (2)image4 (2)


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