Monday 20th March 2017-Directors and Commission

We started today by joining the year one pathways together. Actors, musical theatre and dance students were all together to discuss the role of a director and the use and effect of positive language. I put forward that a director is almost like an editor, who takes offerings from the actors and then has the final say on decisions. Someone else suggested that a director is someone who helps to create the vision, which is another definition I really liked, as it didn’t say that a director was any more important than other roles in creating a piece, like the actors. As I see the process of making a piece as a collaborative effort from several roles. The reason we were discussing this, was because tomorrow we will find out all of the pieces we will be doing for the ‘Art And Life’ commission. Some of the pieces will need a director, as an outside eye to help them make and influence the creative decisions. The tutors wanted to set out the roles and responsibilities of a director and also change any misconceptions, that directors have to do all the work and see themselves as omnipotent.

To help the group see this further, we were split into four groups and one person was made the director for that group. Ryan Smith was the director for the group I was in. We were challenged to create a short piece based on ‘The Equinox’. As a group we discussed the different ideas we had and Ryan did a good job as the director by listening to everyones ideas and tried to find a way to incorporate as many of the ideas that we thought could work as possible. We made a choice to do a physical theatre piece which showed the main assosiations of the word ‘Equinox’. We chose to show ‘Balance’ and ‘Time’ and overall Ryan organised and managed the group well. He showed several positive attributes of what makes a good director and I will definitly take some of the skills he portrayed in this task, if I am chosen to direct a piece in the future.  Being a good team player is going to be especially important in the collaberative project, so it is vital that we know how to listen to everybods suggestions and how to put the work first, regardless of what you may think of the people you are working with.

This lead us on to the discussion of using positive language. This is something the year one actors have previously talked about, but as a larger group we were able to discuss the effects of. We all agreed that we were much more likely to do something if someone phrased it in a way that doesn’t put you down. Its really important for this type of commission that we can say if we don’t think an idea will work, but in a way that still praises the other person and still makes them feel like their contributions are worth while. This will hopefully make for a more harmonious group, with less arguments and we will likely get more work done and it be done in a more effective way, if everyone feels valued and we get along.


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