Tuesday 21st March 2017- Scripted and Commission Pieces

In choir we sang through the latest song which we got last Tuesday. It is ‘All For The Best’ from ‘Godspell’ the musical. We went over some of the harmonies that we are less familiar with and then progressed further into learning the song.

In the morning, I met up with Will and together we did a line run of ‘The Glass Menagerie’, which we are doing a section of for Gary’s scripted lesson. As we are performing it tomorrow, we wanted to see if we were solidly off the book. Once we had gone through the lines and refreshed ourselves on the accent, we then went through the whole piece with its blocking. It still needs some work, as there were times it felt a little unnatural and also that we could improve on it, so we are planning to dedicate tomorrow morning on working on it also. That way we will feel more prepared to perform for our scripted lesson. I have however, really enjoyed looking into the character of ‘Laura’ and I think that now I have seen the film, it has given me a greater understanding of the character. It also gave me  a chance to look at how someone else interpreted the character and portrayed her. It has also inspired me with some of the gestures and the intonations in what she says. We then showed Jess and Ryan, who are doing the first section of the scene, what we had come up with so far, It was really useful to hear what they had to say about how we had positioned ourselves and characterised. It was especially interesting and useful to hear their opinions on how we could emphasise certain words for effect, which I thought was a good suggestion. It was also add more dynamics to our piece.

In the afternoon, we were all given our second commission piece that we will be performing and working on as part of our final major project commission. I was given an idea that I suggested myself, which is to perform a section of ‘Laura Wades’ ‘Alice’. I am excited to have been given the opportunity to work on a piece that I was very passionate about. I also look forward to working with Will and Liam, as I think that we will be able to have fun with the eccentric characters that are in the play. As it was an idea that I put forward, I already know a lot about the play and have several ideas for it as a piece. However I am going to make sure that we all talk through the possible ideas as a group, as Liam and Will may have even better ideas or suggest something new that I may not have considered. It will be important that we put in a lot of time and energy into this piece as we don’t have a long time and there is lots of character research and analysis to be done. I think that our first stage will be to make sure that all three of us have read the play in its entirety and then go about choosing which scene we would like to do. Our most obvious casting would be to have Liam as ‘The Mad Hatter’, Will as ‘The Hare’ and the myself as ‘Alice’. However we should definitely explore all of the options and then find a scene with the characters we chose.


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