Friday 24th March 2017- Commission Research

Yesterday, we largely looked at ‘Alice’ by ‘Laura Wade’ and so I wanted to make a visual representation of all the initial ideas that we have already got for the piece, both for performance and production.  I categorised all of the notes I made during yesterdays first meeting and read through and put them into a mind map, so that we could see exactly what we need to do, and what we need to find, in order to progress onto the next stage of our rehearsals. The ideas are written in blue, and everything written in pink is a direct quote from the play, that backs up and explains our production choices and ideas.


image1 (3)

After this, I then spent some time researching into the different versions and different forms that the ‘Alice In Wonderland’ story has been shown and presented in, through out time. I thought that If I could find as many different adaptions as possible, it would then give me a lot of different places to look for inspiration in my characterisation and also the production elements of our piece. I was successful at finding a wide range of sources such as films, silent films, tv series, video games and plays that have the same characters and are based of the classic ‘Lewis Carroll’ story. I put them into a time line, so that they were organised and I could go through each one at a later date and look into how they represented the story. I think they will all be really useful adaptions to research into further and I hope to do more work on this over the weekend. image1 (5)


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