Monday 27th March 2017- First Blocking Of Alice

Liam, Will and I focused today on blocking ‘Alice’. We wanted to experiment with some ideas and to see if we could get the piece roughly blocked, so that we can build upon it from there. We set up the large table and three chairs, which we had discussed when we initially talked about ideas for our set and production. We ran the piece and firstly positioned ourselves where it felt most natural. We then realised that ‘The Hatter’ and ‘The Hare’ were not likely to move as normal people would as they are mad, so this wouldn’t work the best for our piece. We also decided that as ‘The Hatter’ starts and finishes the piece talking about the same topic, he should end up on the chair he originally started with. We thought this would work well as it would emphasise the fact that ‘The Hatter’ and ‘The Hare’ are stuck in a time loop and they keep repeating themselves. This got quite complicated as all three of our characters move around on to different chairs throughout the piece. However we managed to work out that it would work if Liam sat in the middle, Will sat on the chair closest to stage left and I sat on the chair which is closer to stage right. It worked out that Liam would then start and finish in the centre, which is what we wanted to achieve.

Something else we experimented with is ‘The Dormouse’. Will had been working on the voice and I think that it worked well for the character and it successfully made ‘The Hare’ look mad, as he talked to himself. We tried one of our ideas, which was to have Will operate a toy dormouse, which Liam brought in. However when watching back the video of our initial blocking, it became apparent that it was too small and the majority of our audience members wouldn’t be able to see it very well. Therefore we are going to go with our second idea for ‘The Dormouse’ which is to make a puppet dormouse. That way we can make it so that it is larger and easier to see. It also gives us control of how ‘The Dormouse’ looks.

Looking back on the video of our blocking, we have been able to see what we need to work on before the performances. For ‘The Hatter’ and ‘The Hare’s’ characters, we think that it would be good for them to speak at a faster pace and for them to include bigger and more extravagant movements. Over all they need to be mad and this would help them to portray this. It also helps to create the juxtaposition between them and ‘Alice’, as they are so different and she needs to be seen as very normal, as this is what ‘Laura Wade’ has tried to do with ‘Alice’s’ modern day character interpretation.

For ‘Alice’ I need to do a lot of work on how I want to characterise her. The classic approach to having a posh and well spoken ‘Alice’, doesn’t work with the modern-day setting that ‘Laura Wade’ has chosen. Something that I think could help massively, is to work on achieving a Sheffield accent. This is where ‘Alice’ is from and it might help me to find the toughness in ‘Alice’ and her more casual working class character attitude. I will be spending some time in the Easter holidays to do this.



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