Tuesday 18th April 2017- Commission Discussion

The actors and musical theatre students shared a lesson today, so we used the time to have a discussion with Lynn about where all of our pieces are at, in the rehearsal process. Liam, Will and I performed a large section of ‘Alice’, which was received very well, as it is a comical piece and it recieved several laughs. It helped us to see what we had done well and what we need to work on over the next couple of weeks. People seemed to really enjoy how we had done the puppet dormouse, which was good as the idea was very unique and we didn’t know what people would think of it. I still need to work on my characterisation for ‘Alice’. Although I feel as though I improved on making her more of an average and everyday girl, by the way I slouched and moved, the accent still needs some work, hence I have asked Lynn for some accent help for this to improve further. We also realised that there is a section of staging at the beginning of the piece which we could work on, as it is very clustered into one area of the stage and stays like this for a while. We want to open out to the audience more so we intend to improve this section on Thursday. Otherwise the session showed to us, that we are ahead on the ‘Alice’ piece and what we need to do now is have a run off the book, as we only have a few more lines to learn before we are completely ready to do this and it will help us massively as we will not be restricted by holding scripts.

For ‘No Exit’, we explained that the three of us had been having issues with the section of script we were originally going to do. This was due to the fact that the amount we had to do wasn’t equal between the three of us and also it didn’t work very well as a stand alone piece. Originally we thought it would be alright, but we soon discovered that it was confusing from an audiences prospective, so tonight I will piece together a new section that I can pitch to Liam and Jamie. We want our piece to make sence for our audience and it is of high importance that we do this quickly, or we will fall behind and not be able to stick to our tight schedule. We have also decided to add an additional rehearsal for Wednesday morning, to sort out these issues, as we want the piece to be in a good place.


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