Thursday 20th April 2017- Progress check, Accent work and Improved blocking

Erica told us today that she wanted to see all of our pieces and discuss where we were up to with them. Liam, Jamie and I explained how we decided to change the section of our piece, hence why we were further behind than we had expected to be at this date. Never the less, we read out our section in our characters and explained to Erica exactly what we had planned for the blocking and staging of the piece.

I then went to talk to Lynn as she said that she would help me with the Yorkshire/Sheffield accent that I plan on using for ‘Alice’. Although I had already found some youtube videos and worked on it myself, Lynn had found some more and was able to go through the script with me, as there were some sections I struggled to say in the accent. This was really beneficial and I feel much more confident with it now. I just need to keep practicing the lines with the accent, so that I can do it without over thinking. Below are the videos Lynn introduced me to. There is an interview with Millen Eve, Aly Bongo’s accent challenge, and Maxwell Martin’s show reel, specifically when she was in ‘White Girl’ with the extract at 2 mins 37 sec.


After this, we spent some time looking back at the blocking of ‘Alice’. We tried the piece without a table as Erica had suggested and really liked how it looked.  We then showed Erica ‘Alice’ and where it was up to in the rehearsal process. This was the first time showing it to her without the table and with me using the Yorkshire accent.


After this, we spent the next few hours, working on the finer details of the piece. Such as adding more movement and speeding up the pace a little. We wanted to make ‘The Hatter’ and ‘The Hare’ even more mad so tried to find places where they could over react or walk in a strange way to emphasise this. This has brought back the energy of the two mad characters and works well. It creates a juxtaposition between them and ‘Alice’.


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