Wednesday 19th April 2017- No Exit Script Updated, Alice production and Til Death Seperate Beds Script

We had scheduled that this morning would be dedicated to choosing a section ‘No Exit’ to perform and then we could begin to block what we had chosen.  However Jamie realised that she had a maths exam so was unable to be there. We wanted the blocking to be a group decision that all of us were involved in, so we decided to leave the blocking for the session scheduled on Friday. Even though this was the case, we were still able to sort out the section we are going to perform. I took the lead in putting together the section of ‘No Exit. We were struggling to find a section that could work by itself and wasn’t too short or too long. We had discovered over the Easter break, that the section we originally chose was going to be far too long and also didn’t get across what we wanted, which was ‘Sartre’s’ message that ‘Hell is other people’. Therefore we thought that it might be better if we combine different sections by cutting out lines and piecing others together, so that it still told the same story, just in fewer words. This proved to be quite time consuming and I ended up spending several hours doing this. However by going through the play and underling the important sections and removing the others, I was able to accomplish what we wanted. I then typed up our new script section and gave Liam and Jamie a copy each, to see if they wanted to add or change anything. Although this was the case, both of them were very happy with it and decided to leave it how it was.


Liam and I then did a read through in character and got Sian to read in Jamie’s part, so that we could see if the piece had a flow to it. It also gave us a chance to experiment vocally with how our characters sound. For my character ‘Estelle’, I tried a posh well spoken voice with a superior tone, which I had decided whilst doing my character research would work well and was something I wanted to experiment with. When trying this in the read through, it suited her very well and immediately gave the piece more energy, as it gave an even bigger contrast between the characters.

Once we had read the piece through and experimented with our characters voices, Liam and I then went to find Will so that we could look for some costume pieces for ‘Alice’. We started by searching in Tweed where the college keeps the majority of their costumes. We had several ideas about what we wanted for costume from our research on the characters, so we looked for anything that would fit this. We were successful in finding a colourful waist coat for ‘The Hatter’ and a grey waist coat for ‘The Hare’. We also managed to find some brown clothing for ‘The Hare’ which should work well to show that he is an animal, as they are colours commonly associated with them. The costume is also similar to how other versions of ‘Alice’ portray the character, which will make him more recognisable. For my costume, I already own a blue dress and some black and white striped tights which would work for ‘Alice’ that I will bring in. Liam then showed us some signs that he had made from wood and we realised that we would need some paint for the writing. We managed to buy some in town along with some brown face paint, that I can use on Will, to make him look more animal like. IMG_3804

For our scripted lesson, we performed the side in which Gary had given us to look at last week. It was two scenes from ‘Til Death, Separate Beds’. Ryan wasn’t there so I will have to perform with him again next week but I still performed what I had worked on with Karolis. Im really happy about this as it gives me a chance to work on the feedback I was given and to improve upon my performance. However in the performance I did with Karolis, I am really happy with my accent work, characterisation and also the character relationship that we formed. We created two consistent and opposite characters and worked well together. We had good organisation skills and successfully met up to rehearse on multiple occasions between last week and today. Something else I think that we managed to do well, is to keep the scene realistic and believable, even though it was an American sit com sketch. This may be due to the fact that we didn’t play out the scene for laughs but instead treated it as any other scene. We tried to feel our characters emtions and to see where they were coming from and why they were saying what they were. This helped us as we knew their intentions and understood why they were in the situation they are in. Something that I want to work on with Ryan for next week, is finding the light and shade in the piece. I was trying so hard to remain a consistant character in the two scenes but I feel as though I could have worked on playing her differently in the two scenes, as one she is angry and the other she has the controll and the power. This will be my main focus for next week.

Then in Erica’s lesson, I began painting the signs for ‘Alice’. We want to stay as true to the play as possible so have decided to create the signs, to help ‘make’  Wonderland for the audience. Will helped me to draw out the letters and managed to give the first sign its first coat of paint. We will need to finish this off next week.




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