Monday 24th April 2017- Alice in Costume

We began with an off script line run for the ‘Alice’ piece which was very successful. It is a difficult script as it is meant to be confusing and the topics can be quite spontanious, which had made it difficult to learn. It is also fast paced and so I am glad that all of us have got the play off script. It gives us more room to play with the physicality as we are no longer restricted by carrying our scripts. We then proceeded by doing an off script run and then another but this time with costume pieces, to help give a better feel for the piece. This instantly pushed us to really show our characters and we are in a much stronger position with the piece. Although we were off book, we still took some time to remember lines in specific sections of the piece, such as when we go on to talk about ‘Joe’ but the runs showed to us which parts we needed to go over and work on more, which is useful.




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