Tuesday 25th April 2017- Audition Day, Run and Dormouse

I was off script for both of my pieces but was only able to run ‘Alice’ for Erica, as it was an audtion day and we had to book time slots. Jamie had a clash as she was meant to work on her song at the same time, so we all agreed that we could work on ‘No Exit’ with Erica tomorrow morning, before our producers run. After we showed ‘Alice’, Erica was happy that we would be able to perform it next week without any problem. We all agreed that what we needed to work on now was making ‘The Hatter’ and ‘The Hare’ more of a team, so it feels more like those two characters, against ‘Alice’. We are confident that we will have achieved this by next week, as we have been making a lot of progress over the last week on our characterisation. We also were able to do it with the puppet, as Will had compleated it and had been practicing using it. It was really useful to be able to see how it would work and it made the performance even funnier, as it was unexplained madness, just like the play. It also was highly effective, as it was big enough so that the audience can see it, and Will managed to give expression to the inanimate object, by rubbing the dormouse’s eyes and finding ways that the puppet could react, just like the other characters. This makes ‘The Hare’ seem even more mad as he has put so much thought into being this dormouse as well as himself, which leaves the audience not knowing if its three mad characters or two extreamly mad characters. This adds to the confusion, which is what we wanted to achieve with the piece.



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