Wednesday 26th April 2017- Commission Producers Run

We worked on ‘No Exit’ with Erica, as we thought that we could use some advice on how to improve our blocking. We showed what we had already got and then she suggested some changes, such as having ‘Estelle’ go to the middle sofa first, and then having us all sit and stand at the same time. It made it more systematic, which is the impression we all had when reading the play, so we are glad that we now have a way to show this in our performance. We also used Chris for the voice at the start of the piece, who I have now recorded. We decided to use Chris as we thought his deep voice would sound more threatening, mysterious and slightly forceful. We want the audience to feel as confused as the characters at the start of the piece, and after watching the video back, I think this works well. Liam and Jamie had also made a lot of progress with their characters. Liam now had made ‘Garcin’ seem as though he can’t be bothered with ‘Estelle’s’ drama and Jamie had worked on making ‘Inez’ the all knowing one.

We then showed what we had worked on with Erica in the producers run, for everyone involved including Gary and Erica. I am satisfied with my performance but looking back on the footage, I think that I need to work on going a little slower and leaving time to react between my lines. However I think the characterisation works well and is obvious to the audience and the blocking fits the style of the piece well.

We then showed ‘Alice’ and after watching the video back, I think that we did very well and have improved a lot since the last time we showed the piece to the group. Even though this is the case, I still have a few small things that we could work on. For Will, I think that he could twitch more as if he was full of energy, as this creates a different type of mad character to Liam and ‘The Hatter’. It also works with what I say about ‘The Hare’ drinking too much caffeine. Liam’s movement was definitely his strongest point in this run, his strange legs and arms along with him taking up space, suited ‘The Hatters’ lines and the character extremely well. It is something we need to keep in our performance as it makes him unnaturalistic, which is what we want in order to show that he isn’t like a normal everyday person. I am really pleased with my accent and voice for ‘Alice’. It is now just how I intended, so that it isn’t the focus of the scene but feels natural for the character, showing that she is from Sheffield. I also think that her modern day attitude is coming across much stronger now, due to how I cross my arms and get annoyed at ‘The Hatter’ and ‘The Hare’. For the whole group I think that we had good reactions to each other. The way that the characters interact in this scene is so important as they have such strong feelings towards each other and I think that our voices, movement and facial expressions all helped us to achieve this.


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