Friday 28th April 2017- Twelfth Night Live Screening

We were lucky enough to get tickets for the live screening of the Nationals ‘Twelfth Night’, which is one of my favourite Shakespeare plays. It was very modernised with some of the setting choices, costumes and the way they played the characters, but the way they spoke the language as if it was just modern-day English, meant that the performance was very easy to follow and understand, even if you aren’t as familiar with the play. It was also a very fun production, which is always nice when watching a performance of a Shakespeare comedy, I have seen some performances, such as the LAMDA ‘As You Like It’ which I saw recently at the Theatre Royal, which missed out on a lot of the opportunities to make it funny and more comedic, but ‘Twelfth Night’ was done in such a way which made it very fun to watch. I especially enjoyed how the characters of ‘Sir Toby’, ‘Sir Andrew’ and Olivia were portrayed. Sir Andrew and Sir Toby are a huge part of the humor of twelfth night, and their character interactions and relationship was excellent. Olivia was convincing and I liked how their modern day approach of making her more of a girl click leader rather than a queen happened. As for the set, I really enjoyed how they took advantage of the revolve in the Olivier theatre with the spinning set, which had multiple uses and created segments for different scenes to take place.

As we were at the cinema, we unfortunately missed out on some rehearsal time for our commission. Even though this is the case, I feel prepared for the tech and dress rehearsals that will be happening next week, before the performances on Thursday and Friday.


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