Friday 5th May 2017- Second FMP performance

We started with some notes from the first commission performance that we did last night. The tutors began by addressing some general notes. The first was to respect each other and to stay positive, as it can affect the people around us and may cause a piece to not be at its highest standard, if someone comes off stage and says what went wrong. This is something I always try to do anyway but I think that tonight the whole group will be making an even more conscious effort to keep the atmosphere positive. This will hopefully help the less confident performers and generally make the group feel encouraged and supported. We also need to work on professionalism as a group back stage. Most of the group are fine with this but we need to all be doing this. One element of this is being quiet and making sure that the doors don’t make a noise when they close. Its just being careful and if we all do it, then it should be fine. We also made a lot of noise when we lined up for the end bow. This may have been because we got ready too early. Therefore we are planning to line up on EO44 and do it later on, this should minimise the noise as we won’t be getting in our places outside the theatre and will only ds it in the last two acts. We also all need to work on leaving room for the audience to laugh. This applies to ‘Alice’ especially because it is funny and we expect that the audience may laugh. Therefore we need to work on giving the audience time to laugh before we continue our lines, as they may be missed over the noise. The last general note for the group was to be quicker when coming on for the bows. This means that the audience are not left waiting. Tonight will give us a change to try and rectify this.

We then got notes that Lynn had written when she watched the show last night. It was good to have an outside eye give us their opinion as she isn’t as familiar with the pieces as Erica and Han are. Although this is the case, I only personally received positive feedback. I was complimented for my good accent and voice work in both pieces. For ‘Alice’ she enjoyed the characters and said we had a good energy to the piece.  We are however going to be getting rid of the signs for the performance of ‘Alice’ tonight. Although we were innitially annoyed, due to the fact we spent a lot of time in making them, we can all see why this is going to happen. This is because the way they are positioned makes them show up when Jess does her monologue, which doesn’t work for her piece. They also aren’t vital to our performance and we can do it without them.

We then had our second and last performance of ‘Art and Life’. The first problem that I encountered is the fact that Emma had gone home early as she wasn’t feeling well. She was meant to be doing my hair for ‘Estelle’. I went to talk to the tutors about this and Lynn was able to help me to create something that was similar to what ‘Emma’ had done. This worked well and still was appropriate for the character.

For ‘No Exit’, there was a moment where Jamie forgot her line but I was able to improvise in character to prompt her of her line. Erica’s improv lessons this year have helped me to gain confidence that I can get a piece back on track if something goes wrong and this performance was a good example of this. I think we managed to disguise the fact she forgot her line, in the best way we could on the spot. There was also no lighting issues in the transition between ‘Alice’ and Jess’s monologue. There was less of a response this time around but that could be due to the fact the audience was made up of fewer people. On top of this, we had a lot of people from college come to support us yesterday and a reason we got so much laughter may be because they knew us. They also may have set a different atmosphere in the audience, as they weren’t afraid to react, which may have been passed onto the members of the public. Will’s face paint went much better tonight, than it had done the night before. I did as I intended, which was to use more water, which worked well and is something I will remember for future commissions.




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