Task 2 – Secondary Research

At the beginning of industry week we were put into groups and given the task to prepare a presentation using secondary research. We presented them on the 23rd of September 2016 and our groups presentation was on ‘The Ipswich Pulse Festival’. Before doing this research I didn’t know anything about the festival so it was a good topic to be given as it gave me a chance to learn something new. As it turns out, the festival is something id be very much interested in attending now that I have learnt more about it and seen how it celebrates so many types of theatre. These are the power point slides we created with the main pieces of information we found out on.





power-point-5 power-point-6







This is a video of our presentation to the group with our full explanation of everything that we managed to find out over the week.

Here are the references, they are all the websites we used to find out our secondary research for our presentation. A lot of our groups research I would say is fairly reliable, this is because they are mainly from the official website for Pulse festival and the New Wolsey Theatre. Therefore they should have the correct and reliable information on it as they are the place that the public will be going to first if they want information on the event. The East Anglian Daily Times and The Reviews Hub may be more subjective as they seemed to be more opinion based, the information we found on them however matched up with other websites we used so they were still useful to our presentation.

New Wolsey Theatre. (2016). Pulse Festival Ipswich 2016. Available: https://ipswich-waterfront.co.uk/articles/pulse-festival-ipswich-2016-1401. Last accessed 21st Sep 2016.

China Plate Theatre. (2016). About the Festival. Available: http://www.chinaplatetheatre.com/pulse-festival. Last accessed 21st Sep 2016.

The New Wolsey Theatre. (2013). PULSE Festival Ipswich. Available: https://www.wolseytheatre.co.uk/pulse-festival/. Last accessed 23rd Sep 2016.

New Wolsey Theatre. (2013). Pulse Festival. Available: https://www.wolseytheatre.co.uk/whats-on/upcoming/#pulse-festival. Last accessed 21st Sep 2016.

The Reviews Hub – South East. (31/05/2016). NEWS: Ipswich’s Pulse Festival passes the 600 show mark. Available: http://www.thereviewshub.com/news-ipswichs-pulse-festival-passes-the-600-show-mark/. Last accessed 23rd Sep 2016.

TPR Features. (26/05/2016). FEATURE: 16 Years on and Pulse keeps getting stronger. Available: http://www.thereviewshub.com/feature-16-years-on-and-pulse-keeps-getting-stronger/. Last accessed 23rd Sep 2016.

Andrew Clarke. (2014). Fringe theatre festival gives Ipswich its Pulse.Available: http://www.eadt.co.uk/what-s-on/fringe_theatre_festival_gives_ipswich_its_pulse_1_3596270. Last accessed 23rd Sep 2016.


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