Task 2

The monologue in which I have chosen to do is from ‘The Two Gentlemen Of Verona’ and is in Act 1 Scene 2. The play is believed to be the first of Shakespeare’s works and thought to be written between 1590 and 1591. The character who I am playing is Julia and she is the lady that Proteus has fallen in love with. She is first seen in the play talking to her waiting woman Lucetta about which of her suitors she likes most. Lucetta then goes on to talking about Proteus and that she accepted a letter pretending to be Julia without telling her, this is a love letter from Proteus and makes Julia angry that Lucetta hid it from her. Julia doesn’t want Lucetta to know how in love with Proteus she is so she ends up tearing up the letter to try and show that she doesn’t care about love anyway and that it didn’t matter to her.

However you then see in my chosen monologue that she does care and love him and how much she regrets rashly tearing up the love letter. This monologue shows her true love for Proteus and can be funny if done well at reflects the fact it is a Shakespearean comedy. This monologue also builds an idea for how much she will do to be with Proteus, which later leads to her disguising as a boy to see Proteus when he leaves under his father’s orders to go to Milan with his friend Valentine. On arriving in Milan Julia then realises Proteus has fallen for another girl but after Proteus’s several betrayals of trust with Valentine and Thurio and being turned down by Silvia the two end up married as do most of Shakespeare’s comedies.

I read the play several times and then began to annotate the play so that I fully understood what was going on at each moment. I especially paid attention to the character of Julia and the monologue In which I later performed which I dissected in as much depth as I could. The result is bellow.