Task 4- Rehearsal Process

Here is the most recent videos showing the first time we used the props for the magic paintbrush story. One was smoother by far than the other.


This is the Italian run of the other street story we will be performing, ‘ The Table, The Donkey and the Cudgel’.

This is the first blocking and run through of ‘The Table, The Donkey And The Cudgel’.

This is the video from the progress sharing, in which we showed the compleated ‘Magic Paintbrush’ story.


This is a video of some force and movement work we did to help us with our transitions about the stage.

This is the first section of ‘The Magic Paintbrush’ when we first started devising the piece.


On top of the acting we also spent an amount of our rehearsal time working on the prop making. The props help us to tell both of the stories and add a magical element. They also are visually eye-catching and should appeal especially to young children who are our targeted audience when we perform to the primary school and possibly for the street performance. I hadn’t had much experience in prop making before so this was a new skill I have now acquired.  Bellow is some pictures of the props I personally helped to contribute in creating.  They show the different stages such as paper mache and painting.

Another non performing skill required by the group and I was partial directing. Lynn headed the directing and came up with the large majority of the ideas, however we still helped to contribute possible staging or performing ideas that could benefit the show. I know that I definitely gave some of the ideas for the two stories that ended up being used. It gave us all a chance to build the stories together and think about how they would come across from a directing view-point as well as just having a performing outlook on things.

We also had to think about costumes. We had lengthy discussions on what would be most appropriate for the shows, most practical, most comfortable to perform in and what would look the most affective. We ended up deciding to perform in all blacks but have small signature costume pieces to add-on top to help identify the main characters. Therefor the three children in ‘The Table, The Donkey and The Cudgel’ had three differently coloured scarfs. This was chosen to show that they all had an element that was the same but the colour showed them to be individuals as well as siblings.

For character work we have done several activities to help us develop and have a better understanding of our characters. For example hot seating which is a personal favourite of mine. We asked each other questions about our characters which we may not have necessarily considered before doing this. From doing this even characters such as the hat stand now have a back story and know how they feel about their given circumstance. We also found animals who resembled our characters. For example I saw Philomena as an armadillo and this really helped inspire me on how to move as that character. Quick, enthusiastic and hunched were all traits I wanted to cooperate into the characterisation of her.


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