Task 5- Health And Safety Risk Assesment


The first hazard on my risk assessment grid is slips and trips. This hazard is a possibility with every performance and in the rehearsal period for a show, ours however has an increased likelihood of happening due to the fact we will be outside on uneven ground and our piece includes the use of several masks. We have tried to minimise the likelihood of trips and slips by making the masks as quickly as we could so that we could have plenty of time rehearsing with the masks before the actual performance. We are also going to be wearing shoes with a good grip to help prevent falling. A risk to our performance  is weather and as it is so unpredictable in England we have to be prepared for anything. As we are performing in November it is likely going to be very cold so we are going to make sure to wear warm clothes and costumes. We also are planning on having warm drinks breaks to keep everyone healthy. Extreme wet weather is the only thing that we would cancel the show for as it leaves us unable to perform and there would also be no audience to watch us. Hopefully this won’t happen as it will be a fantastic experience to perform on the street which will be a new experience for many of the group. Another risk is that we could hit an audience member with one of our props. This is possible as there is no real defined space that we are performing in and some of our props such as the cudgel are huge and hard to carry. Although this is the case we are a spatially aware group of people and have been practicing using a number of small spaces. Another hazard is that our props could hurt someone. Although this is a risk, we have made our props from light materials and when using the cudgel to hurt someone, the person controlling it is the person who is being hit. This maximizes the control and means that when rehearsing and performing we are less likely to hurt someone. Another precaution we are taking is to allow time for us to eat and drink before and between performing. This means we are less likely to faint or have people feeling ill. This also helps to prevent against the next part of the grid which is the risk of us loosing our voices. Another risk to our show is missing actors. This is easily rectified by having the full company ready to take over any part due to them truly knowing the script and the devising well. This means that if someone who is holding up Ryan as the bed in the trust fall scene is missing, someone else would readily take up their position as to avoid what could be a serious injury. This is also true for lines, we have practiced when people are missing and improvised our way through it, just in case this is what happens on the day. Another hazard is that the pavements could easily become blocked due to the fact we can’t control the public directly. However we can position ourselves in a sensible place to help avoid blocking off the pavements. Lastly a risk is that children watching could get scared, but from an early stage we started to think about this factor and have carefully casted the roles, made the scarier bits more funny and generally chosen pieces that are not as scary with their plots. Hopefully all of these precautions mean our show will go smoothly.


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