Task 7 Work In Progress Evaluation

Over all I am relatively pleased with how the work in progress showing went. I personally believe that ‘The Magic Paintbrush’ is in a strong place and as a group we are in a good place with what we have produced at this moment in time. From the feedback I was glad to hear that the audience picked up on the fact we had positioned  ourselves purposefully due to the thrust staging formation. This should mean that we are prepared for our audience at the Christmas fayre and everyone should be able to see the action. As a group we managed to time our piece well and the comedic lines were done in a way that the timing made them even funnier, which I think will be something we need to keep for the performance on the 25th. Personally I think that I successfully managed to stay in character though out, even though we have the extra difficulty of the multi rolling and playing inanimate objects. This was one of my individual goals for the sharing and I am happy that I was successful. The feedback also indicated that they really enjoyed the song we sing towards the beginning of our piece. They said it was imminently engaging which was our intention so im glad this worked the way we wanted it too. From this I will also work on singing louder and more confidently as we will be in an outside space so that is something I could improve on as I start the song, but also as a whole group we could practice our volume as ultimately the sound needs to carry to draw in our passers by audience. Another good point from the feedback was that because the song is so engaging, we need to carry this energy level through to our next scenes as people may loose interest if there is a dip in energy. I will try to work on putting the same amount of commitment into the following scenes as I do with the song. This should hopefully increase our chances of the audience finding our piece entertaining. Something else we could work on as a group is the focus on our main character ‘Ma Liung’. Small things such as keeping him higher up than the other rice field workers and keeping Ryan centre stage could just clarify that our story and plot follows him particularly and attracts the audiences attention to him from the start. That way they know to look at him specifically and also the different height levels should look effective at showing power and in this case admiration for ‘Ma Liung’. From the feedback we found that the audience really enjoyed the audience interaction with the scenes where we break the fourth wall, especially as its for something as fun and joyful as the Christmas Fayre. As a result of this we really want to push this feature of our show and something we agreed that Ryan could do is to encourage the audience more so that they are less intimidated to speak out and join in with our piece. Another individual goal I have given myself after hearing the feedback is to make my facial expressions very large as this is not a naturalistic piece and it coincides with the fact it is a traditional story, which often have larger than life characters. I believe my facial expressions and gestures were good but as an improvement this is something I think that will help with the overall effectiveness of our performance. Helena raised an interesting point about weather the white board was necessary for our piece, however after carefully analysing the story we found that this is going to be the more realistic and effective way to clearly show our story and for it to make logical sense. It was encouraging that even though we had some members of our cast missing, we still covered the lines and kept the story going, this is promising for our street performance as we have to be ready for anything and the work in progress sharing gave me confidence that as a group we could do that. Overall I am pleased with what we showed and how far we have gotten into the process. I will definitely be working on improving the areas I thought personally I could improve on and also those as a group we can develop. This should help us to create a good final product and improve the areas I need to work on in my acting.


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