U5&6 Task 3- Final Idea & Further Research

The first of my three commission pieces is a ‘Theory Of Everything’ inspired peice. I will be working with Ryan Adams and Sophia Barrett to show the relationship between Stephen and Jane Hawking, as time progresses and Stephens condition gets worse. We will be doing this in the form of a dance and a monologue, which is from Jane’s perspective. My role will be to write the monologue and then perform it as Jane, whilst the other two will perform the dance. We have decided to use music from the film to perform the piece to. We thought that track 7 from ‘The Theory Of Everything’ soundtrack would work best, it is called ‘A Game Of Croquet’, which is shown bellow. The monologue is from the perspective of a present day Jane, looking back on her life. I want to be able to capture the high and low points she faced whilst being in her relationship with Stephen Hawking, also to express some of her inner thoughts and feelings whilst facing their struggles. As I was one of people who suggested ‘The Theory Of Everything’ as a monologue from Jane’s point of view, I was egar to research further into the lives of Stephen and Jane Hawking. I did this by reading the memoir ‘Travelling To Infinity: My life With Stephen‘ , which inspired the film ‘The Theory Of Everything’ which I have also watched three times since finding out that I would be using it as an inspiration for the commission.

The second idea I was given is a monologue from the film ‘Bridget Jones Diary’. It wasn’t one of my suggestions so I had to go back to the videos of our inspired by film idea presentations to recap the idea. I found that it was suggested by Ines and so I watched her presentation again and then asked her what she envisioned for the piece. She said that there was a monologue at the start of the film which I could look into performing. After watching the film I decided that the first monologue was probably the best one to be performed on stage so have chosen that one to do as a solo performance piece. It is a very comical piece and is about Bridget’s realisation that she wants to pull her life together and her resolutions which she notes in her newly created diary. As I had not seen the Bridget Jones films until this commission, to research I watched the film and also looked online into the character and the franchise. Bellow is the video of Ines presentation where she pitched the idea and some websites I found useful in understanding this commission task and creating the relatable yet comical character of Bridget.

Wikipedia. (2017). Bridget Jones’s Diary (film). Available: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bridget_Jones’s_Diary_(film). Last accessed 20th Jan 2017.

Ailbhe Malone. (2013). 28 Ways In Which We Are All Bridget Jones. Available: https://www.buzzfeed.com/ailbhemalone/ways-in-which-we-are-all-bridget-jones?utm_term=.rjZy0gpMzr#.hnNPx1VnrK. Last accessed 16th Jan 2017.


The final commission piece I have been given is a small group piece, which will be performed by the year one actors. It is a black and white silent movie based project and I will be focusing on the production side of things. This will mainly involve making and operating the props for the two performances. We have chosen to create our own plot, pulling inspiration from classics such as ‘Godzilla’ and ‘King Kong’. Whilst researching we also found a video called ‘A Trip To The Moon’ which we thought embodied the style we are after. From it we found that the reactions had to be a lot bigger from the actors and less natural due to the fact they had to compensate for no audio, due to not having the technology at the time. The props were also not too extravagant and not very believable at times, more like a representation as they didn’t have state of the art technology. They are clearly from an earlier time period where the world was viewed differently and technology wasn’t as advanced as it is now. From this we came up with a plot that a group of explorers could stumble upon a planet and encounter aliens. There would be a robot and also a giant spider who is the large enemy that they would need to escape from. We want the piece to show the way people saw the future of discovering planets and robots before anyone really had done. Therefore I will be focusing on making a robot costume and spider prop which fits the style and time period we are aiming for. To do this I have watched a lot of YouTube clips and read articles on silent film and also robots. I plan to make the robot from simple materials as we have a low-budget and also we want the props to have a ‘non perfect’ feel to them as this is what real silent movies did. For the spider we are planning on Liam creating two wire bases in which we can cover in tights, to give the impression of two giant spider legs.


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