U5&6 Task 4- Plan And Organise / Work ‘in progress’ sharing

The revue performance will be on the 8th and 9th of February 2017. That means that from the 16th of January 2017 we have three weeks and two days until we perform, however those two weekdays will be used as technical and dress runs of the show so we have three weeks of realistic rehearsals. Below is a calendar that I created, showing all of the commission lessons and study periods that we have left until the revue performance. It shows that we get 7 hours a week of commission lessons we can use with a teacher and also 9 and a half hours of study periods a week. That is 28 and a half hours of study periods left and 21 hours of commission lessons we can also use which totals 49 and a half hours.janfeb


For ‘The Theory Of Everything’ piece, we have decided to use every Friday, Tuesday and Wednesdays study periods to meet up and practice. This is mainly due to there being a mixture of actors and musical theatre students, making it hard to meet up at other times. We are trying to keep Thursdays and Mondays primarily on the group actors piece which is the silent film inspired piece. I will also be using my own free time to work on the ‘Bridget Jones’ monologue, along with the other study periods and the times where commission lessons are spent mainly on acting. By the work in progress sharing, I hope to have written the Jane from ‘The Theory Of Everything’ monologue and also have blocked and began to learn it. I would like the robot to be complete and the spider to be in progress for the production element of the group actors piece. Finally for the Bridget monologue I would like to have decided on the piece I want to do and have basic blocking sorted.


Update: We have now decided to allocate some of the rehearsal times for ‘The Theory Of Everything’ to show back and work on the piece with Tutors. We want to spend a whole session with Lynn and also one with Gary, this means we can have multiple perspectives and they can both add their own knowledge and expertise.

For the work in progress sharing. Ryan, Sophia and I were able to share our ‘Theory Of Everything’ piece. I am pleased with how it went and we are now able to see what we need to do in order to progress with our piece. Firstly, I was only able to read it with the script, as I still need to learn the piece in time with the music. This will be my main focus from now, as it will allow me to include gesture, as I won’t be prohibited by the script in my hands We did however use the music and from the feedback we received, we are now certain that it is the music we will be using, as it effectively helped to convey the plot by mimicking the high’s and lows in ‘Stephen’ and ‘Jane’s’ relationship with the tempo and pitch changes. More feedback that we received was that the piece was moving due to the dance and monologue working so well together and containing emotive movement and language.



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