Unit 5 and 6 Task 2- Presentation

Bellow is my presentation to the group and tutors about what three pieces I had chosen to pitch as ideas for our revue. I inculded short clips and explinations as to why I thought they would be suitable.


On top of my own ideas, I was actually suggested for a piece. Abbie came up with a quartet song idea called ‘After Ever After’ by Jon Cozart where he sings about 4 award winning disney films. I really enjoyed this as an idea especially as im an acting student and I enjoy singing, so I love any chance to get involved with singing as possible. Also it isnt an obvious choice for the commission which is nice as it really does follow the breif of ‘Inspired by film’. Although not a dancer, another idea I liked the sound of was Jess’s Idea of having a dance duet to the opening song in the film ‘Up’.  I think this would be a beautiful piece for two of the dancers as the narrative they could tell of growing old together would be lovely on stage. I also liked Jess’s more out there idea of having a black and white style jurassic park inspired physical theatre piece. I think this would be a lot of fun both to be in or to watch. Another suggestion I favoured was the idea to take inspiration from some of the disney shorts. This was something I hadnt previously considered but as most of them require no speaking, think that it could be a huge amount of fun to do physically.


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