Unit 8 Task 1- Analysis

From the previous commissions, something which significantly benefited our final performances and helped in the process of creating our pieces, was good organisation. In the previous commission ‘Inspired by Film’, one of my groups had an initial struggle to meet, due to the fact we had people from the musical theatre and the acting course, so subsequently had different lessons in different places.  A way that we over came this was creating and putting a schedule into place. This is something that I will do again for this collaborative performance, as it is likely that the groups we work in will be made from different classes. Even if this is not the case, scheduling was a really effective tool at showing how much time we had to achieve different elements of our pieces, showing when we would rehearse with different groups, giving us goals to work towards and overall helping our groups with time management. This should contribute in keeping us organised in this project if we make an initial schedule again.

Something else that I will put into place for the collaborative project is regular group rehearsals, meetings, social media group chats, discussions and methods to ensure that our groups have good communication. This should mean that everyone in the group is well-informed of what is happening and means we can easily share and contribute ideas to successfully carry out the project. Things such as social media group chats have proved useful in both previous commissions to maintain contact outside of college, therefore we have more time to talk about the pieces and any decisions or ideas we may have. Committing to the project is also important in this commission, as to have the best end result possible, we will need to put in the work, time and give it a lot of energy. A way of doing this is through high levels of communication and it also gives a feeling of ‘togetherness’. This team work becomes vital when working as a large collaborative group and will have an effect on the end performances. This is because there is a higher likelyhood that we will work harmoniously and get more of the work done if there is a sense of teamwork. Hence why I will include these communication methods and try to create a sense of team work. It’s especially important to put the work first and get past any preconceived ideas about the people we may work with, the project needs to come first and if we can work together as a team then it will drastically help us to achieve what we need to and hopefully end in a positive outcome.

Also for this project, we will need to work out the audience in which we are targeting. The ‘Street Theatre’ commission and also when we performed for children at a local primary school, showed how vital knowing our audience was. Once we have identified the audience we will be performing to, we will be able to find pieces which are the most suitable, use language which is suitable and adapt the technical aspects such as costume and sound for what will be most appropriate. When doing the ‘Street Theatre’ piece, we had an unknown audience, therefore we had to cater to the lowest common denominator. Therefore, in this collaborative performance I will put in place things that are going to be most enjoyable and have a tone appropriate for this audience.

We will also be required to think about the different pieces that are realistically feasible in the space and with the people available. We will need to look into pieces that will work for the proscenium arch staging that we will have with the conservatoire east theatre. Staging has proved difficult in previous commissions, such as when we performed in thrust for ‘Inspired by Film’. There were times we perhaps didn’t take advantage of the whole space and perhaps could have staged it in a way so that all the audience members could see something at all times. Therefore the staging needs to be a high priority in this project, so as the audience can effectively see what we want and need them to. We will need to draw experience from what has previously worked well in proscenium arch and discuss the staging with our groups and also tutors as to get the best out come. As for the proposal of the pieces, we need to keep in mind the people we have in our college and whether we can realistically play the characters in the pieces we suggest. This will be important to remember in our research for ideas.

Once identifying the audience, people and staging available, I will then need to research thoroughly into the theme of ‘Art and Life’. This means that I will look at potential ideas for pieces and at different artists and pieces of art work. Once given my pieces I will also need to do some more research for character analysis. This has previously helped me a lot to characterise in a more believable and realistic way. I will need to relate my research through the means of voice and movement to help characterise. I have also found that research into topics and themes in the pieces, have helped to give myself a better understanding with in the specific areas I looked into. Due to this, I will research through different forms such as online, from books and plays to benefit this project and give a more informed performance for the audience.

Something else I will put into place is a budgeting plan. Once being told the budget for our pieces, we will then need to work out exactly what we need for our pieces and how much it will cost. Seeing as it will likely be low-budget, I plan on taking the skills I got from the previous two commissions for prop making. If we can make the props then it is going to often be cheaper. It also gives us more of a creative licence if we can design the look of what we need to make. Production elements such as props will be required to assist our performance and help to create atmosphere. The costumes, lighting, sound and props will need to be planned in advance and fit the tone, period, characters, purpose and style of the piece. With these in place it will benefit and create a more successful collaborative project.

Over all, if we put all of the above requirements into place and take into consideration the parameters of this collaborative project, we should end up with a successful process and final pieces.




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