Unit 8 Task 3-Presentation

Below is my presentation for ‘Art And Life’, with the ideas in which I put forward as a suggestion to what our performance pieces could be. The powerpoint presentation, along with the reasons why I included certain elements on my presentation, are also below.

For the first slide of my powerpoint, I decided to create a border made up of a few of the pieces of art which I found in my research. Specifically, they are the paintings which I was close to chosing for my art inspiration, however were the pieces that for various reasons (which you can see in Unit 8 Task 2) that I didn’t pick. I thought by having the images of the art work, it would give the group something interesting and relevant to look at, as a visual aid and it would give me an opportunity to talk about the process which I went through to narrow down my ideas to a final two pieces.


art and life

For the second slide of my powerpoint, I again wanted a visual representation of the process I went through when researching ideas. I thought that by putting up a picture of a mind map that I created, it would help the group to see the vast amount of ideas I was chosing between and also how different ideas lead to other ones.


For the third slide, I put the art, artist and relevant dates to introduce my first idea. I wanted to keep the slide quite minimal, as I wanted the focus to be on what I was saying in the presentation. I also know that its hard for people to read big bulks of text whilst people are talking, so I made sure only to include the key and most minimal information. It was important that I put this on the slide as if a group get given this piece, it will help them research the piece further. It also instantly alerts the group to my inspiration and idea.


After introducing the art work, I then went on to talk about my actual idea for a related piece. This was the most obvious next slide for me to create on the power point, as it transitions nicely, due to the fact that it is still the same topic, but an expansion from the initial art work. Again I kept it only to the key points and kept most of the information in my speech. I did however, ensure that I had a picture of the plays front cover, with a few of the main points I discussed, which people could write down if they wished.


The next slide then goes onto my second idea. I included the same type of information as I did with the first idea, and also included the art work, as it is a vital part, showing where the inspiration for the piece came from. That way, the group know everything that they would need to know at this point in the process, about the art, and the play I chose.



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