Unit 8 Task 9- Performance

Short Paragraph Which Could Have Been Included In Our Program

When thinking of what I wanted to include in the program paragraph, I already knew from the last commission ‘Inspired by Film’, that I needed the name of the piece, some brief details of what the piece was inspired by and also an insight into what the piece is about. I decided that for the information about the inspiration of our pieces, which in the case of this commission project, is the artwork in which our pieces were inspired by, should include who the artist was, the name of the art, the art movement it belongs in and also the time in which it was created. I thought that it wasn’t too much information so that the audience would get overwhelmed and also that it wasn’t irrelevant information for them to know, which it may have started to become, if I had included more. Even though this is the case, it still informs them enough and provides them enough context to understand why and how we chose to perform the pieces we did, and how they link. For the insight of the pieces we performed, I decided to think about what the main objectives, themes and characters are in the pieces and then included the information which explained what our pieces are about, without giving too much away. I think I was successful in doing this as I kept them brief and only used information which would get them excited for the performances. You can see below what I came up with.


‘Alice’ is a fun and eccentric piece that was written by ‘Laura Wade’. It is inspired by the Surrealist art work of Salvador Dali and his painting called ‘Mad Tea Party’. See the madness inside the mind of young Yorkshire girl Alice, as she stumbles upon a tea party in the middle of Wonderland, with hosts who are even madder still!

No Exit:

‘No Exit’ is a french existentialist piece, written by ‘Jean Paul Sartre’ and inspired by the 15th century Renaissance art, ‘Visions Of Hell’ by ‘Hieronymus Bosch’.  It shows three very different people, who find themselves stuck together forever. It isn’t long before things get heated and tempers reach a new high. After all, hell is other people…

This is a link to the actual program that we had for ‘Art and Life’ which was made by Emily. I like how she made a map of a gallery, which shows the art movements as I think it fits in well with the theme of our show. It also explains the voice overs between acts. However, one thing that could have been added, is the information of who was involved in each piece that was performed, as this is something that audience members like to know, so they can identify different people.


Below is the season brochure which helped to advertise ‘Art and Life’. You can find it under ‘May’.

Summer Season Brochure

We also gave out postcards at the end of the show, which you can see below. It gave the feel of a souvenir for the audience, as if they had reached the gift shop at the gallery. This was again something that added to the theme of the show.

Art & Life

These are my performances of ‘No Exit’ and ‘Alice’ in the second show that we did.


These are links to feedback that we got after our two performances. The feedback that we got for the first show is from Helena and the second nights was done by Lynn. We also recieved feedback from Han.

HR feedback 1st show 04.05.17 (2)

Notes after 2nd night Art (1)

Feedback for Art & Life (1)


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